Moishe Mana is a self made billionaire and a classic successful immigrant story. He started as a dishwasher in New York City in the early 80s and since then he has built and operated several internationally recognized businesses in a variety of fields such as logistics, technology, art, fashion, entertainment, agriculture and a massive real estate portfolio.

In the last 10 years, Mana has consolidated his knowledge and experiences in business to launch the platform “Mana Common”. Mana Common is a collaborative, sustainable and multidimensional economic hub to be built within cities throughout the world. These hubs will be operated on the 4C’s principle: collaboration, connection, communication and compassion.

Moishe Mana believes in the economic collaboration of the Americas. Both economies together exceed 1.1 billion people and this will create an unbeatable, successful platform.
His massive Miami holdings are purposed and designed to become international hubs servicing commerce and culture. It is his goal to turn Miami into the Hong Kong of the Western Hemisphere.

Mana is the largest property owner in Wynwood, Miami. His initial goal early on was to make Wynwood become the cultural hub of Miami that it is today. His next goal is to build a massive physical and digital global trade hub to facilitate trades between Latin America, the Far East and North America on the West side of Wynwood.

Over the last 5 years, Mana has amassed over 60 properties in the heart of the neglected Downtown Miami, Flagler District. His vision is to turn Downtown Miami into the Silicon Valley of Latin America. He believes it is essential for Latin America startups to operate from one well recognized hub such as the historic Downtown Miami. It is his belief that many technology unicorns will be created as a result of the collaboration under one live/work/play “roof”

Moishe Mana was instrumental in the development and buildup of other neighbourhoods such as the Meatpacking District in NYC where he started the well known Milk Studios, as well as Jersey City and the South Loop of Chicago where he built and operates Mana Contemporary – the largest art center in America.